Learning and Development – NZ L4 Conservation

Learning and Development – L4 Conservation

At the beginning of August 2022 to the end of March 2023, the Mauri Oho team had been working hard to gain each of their NZ L4 Conservation certificates. It was an uphill battle trying to find enough time to learn as well as maintain the trap lines up in the Ruahine ranges, however, the team persevered and got the mahi done. 

This course covered a wide range of subjects where the team were challenged both mentally and physically. Every scheduled learning day was something new, whether it was a day in the classroom learning about the ecological effects of pest plant species and how to identify them or if it was a day out in the field learning how to use a chainsaw and all the correct health and safety methods. 

Here are just some of the new skills gained through the course;

  • 4WD Handling
  • Growsafe
  • First Aid
  • Outdoor Health and Safety
  • GIS Training
  • Matauranga Maori

Despite a busy work schedule every team member graduated and not only gained their L4 Conservation certificate but an abundance of skills that they will be able to use in many more aspects of their mahi and day to day life. 

The management team and board of trustees for Mauri Oho would like to personally thank UCOL external coordinator – Heather Grady, and all of the different kaiako (teachers) that came in to share their specific field of expertise with the Mauri Oho team in order to complete the course.