Enhanced Taskforce Green

Starting from the 27th of December, Mauri Oho will be working alongside Rural Support Trust Hawke’s Bay under a contract called ‘Enhanced Taskforce Green’ (ETFG), a Ministry of Social Development initiative.

This new form of mahi was created as a result of the major weather event that occurred during the summer of 2023 that affected many local farmers across the North Island, particularly in the Hawkes Bay region. This created a demand for cyclone recovery assistance.

Our kaimahi, along with a few new additions to the team took it upon themselves to meet this demand. Over the course of the next three months, workers and supervisors will be assisting land owners with clean-up projects around their properties.

This mahi may include but is not limited to;

  • Fence repair
  • Clearing debris
  • Cattle bridge repairs

Taking opportunities like this one means that kaimahi in Mauri Oho will be able to gain new practical skills, form new relationships and strengthen the bond between themselves working in a new field.

It is an honour to undertake this mahi and aligns with our values
~Enhancing the mauri of our people and the taiao by providing ongoing mahi.